The operator to be applied

On each property, it is possible to perform searches of different types. Let's take as an example a search on the textual value "charcoal". It is possible to type the search as follows:

Contains = contains the specified term

Example: "charcoal" but also "charcoals"

Starts with

Example: "cha" for "charcoal" or "charcoals"

End with

Example: "coal" for "charcoal"

Has any value = the field is filled in (all records for which the field has at least one value)

Has no value = the field is empty (all records for which the field is empty)


It is also possible to do a search to isolate all the records for which the field in question is empty, or, on the contrary, filled in (independently of the textual value).




The searched value(s)

You must enter the textual value you are looking for, for example: wood, timber, Zakros.


By clicking on "add a new value", it is possible to combine several search criteria. In this case, the Boolean operator to be applied must be entered:


AND = all the records that meet all the criteria indicated.

Example: all timber imprints AND which have been found at the ground floor. In this case, timber imprints found at the first floor will not appear.


OR = all records that meet any of the criteria

Example: all timber imprints OR timber piers. In this case, timber imprints will appear, but also timber piers.



These instructions for the advanced search form were originally published by Johanna Daniel and the Service Numérique de la Recherche, "Using the advanced search", Digital Muret, INHA, under a Creative Commons license 4.0.